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As Plato said in The Republic, "The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life." There are 4 main aspects that define a school, the provider of education: academics, extracurricular activities and overall atmosphere. Bulgaria World Youth Academy has added a unique touch to all four.

Two curriculums are offered at Bulgaria World Youth academy, the Bulgarian and the English (International Baccalaureate). I have benefited from both, however the English, IB curriculum is more fresh in mind. As days pass and I advance through college I begin to truly understand the meaning of 'Education for life', the IB mission statement, which BWYA has adopted and implemented as its own. While it is true that the school did not formulate the curriculum, its efficient application has been the responsibility of the school. One finds a balance between young teachers and more experienced ones, coming each from a different corner of the world (China, United States, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Romania, etc.).

Not only does this contribute to the cultural diversity of the school environment, but also to the diversity of teaching methods. Each teacher provides a unique input to each class and subject, only benefiting the students. The unique teaching methods combined with the strong curriculum prepare every student for both further academic endeavors as well as being an upstanding member of society. The school is not yet old enough to pride itself with illustrious graduates. In a few years though, when they will graduate from Princeton, Harvard, Bulgaria University, Tsinghua, etc. the once BWYA students, through their work and accomplishments will prove the quality of their BWYA education.

The number and quality of extracurricular activities provided has increased over the years through the joint effort of both teachers and students. Without...