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My opinion is based on sports and the statement that I want to make is that you shouldn't be able to go the National Basketball Association right out of high school. The reason that I agree with this is because of the fact that everyone should have to take full advantage of the whole college experience and education because you have an injury that ends your career at any given time. I also agree because of the fact that I play football and there has never been a player that has gone straight from high school to the NFL. Besides I don't see how four more years of education and experience could make things worse for that individual.

Don't get me wrong, there have been a few great athletes that have made their names big in the NBA straight from high school, but they will never have the excellence and accomplish the bigger things in life such as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson. To me its more than just dollar signs because no matter what you do in life, with hard work and motivation the dollars will come. It's about trying to a better person when you have the opportunity to go to school for free. Major in something that is going to benefit to others and not just yourself in the long-run. Then not only will making a million dollars put a smile on your face, but maybe saving some ones life on top of that will bring you continuous joy for a life time. My parents have always told me to never take things for granted no matter how they come. This is one of the reasons that I put in so much extra time and effort into the classroom and on the...