"The Prime Minister's power and his current policy" (2003)

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1. Foreword

In my essay I want to work out some crucial aspects concerning the British Prime Minister. As an example I especially want to refer to the current "leader" in Great Britain Tony Blair and the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. I will discuss the question weather the Prime Minister enjoys a nearly unlimited power and freedom of decision or if he/she is more restricted in his/her decisions. I also want to cite positive and negative opinions on the changes Tony Blair made in British policy since 1997, when T. Blair led the Labour Party to power for the first time since 1979, when became the youngest prime minister since William Pitt the younger (1783).

2. Functions and powers of the Prime Minister.

The power of the British Prime Minister is immense. Representing the nation he has become a person of high public prestige. He represents the nation and has much authority for example as the leader of the majority party, chairman of Cabinet and as an arbiter when colleagues disagree.

There is considerable influence he enjoys over the timing of decisions, or weather any decision shall be taken. He has the power of appointment and dismissal and traditionally acts on his own when making appointments. He or she can break as well as make men like Mrs Thatcher did when she drastically re-modelled her government in September 1981. She dismissed four senior ministers and moving others. To me this raised the question if the Prime Minister can do what he (or she) wants when he/she wants it- this has been a danger in history. I want to hint at the problem of dictatorship in history like Stalin or even more drastically the Hitler-Nazi movement which led to World War II. Now I will discuss the power...