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People get tattoos done for different kind of reasons, some get it to show off their body art, some get tattoos to represent or show their love to someone for example having their girl friend's name tattooed on him, or having the cross to represent Christianity, and some people get tattoos done just so they can feel more powerful and that they can do something.

Each and every person got a different perspective or point of view about tattoos and whether they should be done or not. Some people think that having tattoos on is a bad idea since it changes your looks and sometimes behavior, and they might not be appropriate for younger kids. Other people are against tattoos because they think that most of those people who get tattoos on are part of a gang or at least it gives that image to the people.

Tattoos might be nice to have, since it gives you strength and confidence about yourself, but on the other hand you might be neglected by many people and be looked down at.

Another thing about tattoos is that you can never get rid of them, and even if you do it will always leave some sort of mark or a scar.

I would like to conclude that my point of view about tattoos or people who get tattoos done, have something missing in their life, and that this particular tattoo will fill in the gap, or fulfill the missing object. One of my friends who got a tattoo done said "this tattoo will always be with me and part of me, and we will never part away until I die", in other words a tattoo is something that he treasure and most likely represent something special to him, and if tattoos...