Program notes on my choreography.

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not an essay!!

this cannot be copied as it was written for the dance which i choreographed. it is simply an aid for you to see how yours should be attempted.

you will need to add drawings of how you internd your dancers to move i have included background information on the composer of my music (dream, by Paul. A. Jackson)


My dance is about someone that is trying to overcome their problems that are in their subconscious mind and trying to work through it but certain memories are holding them back. These problems are in the end defeated but are this is a struggle for the person who almost gives up.


My stimulus is partially ideational and but mostly visual. The ideational part is the title of my music, dream, this gave me the idea that the problems should be subconscious as if they appeared whilst asleep.

I also have several pictures that I decided to develop. One of which shows a mermaid sat on a rock next to the sea, the water isn't near to her, I originally saw this as the tide going out but it can also be seen as the problem fading away as the water returns. The other I chose to develop was mainly several different shades of red that intertwined with each other causing a confusion of colour similar to what you might imagine would be going through the person's mind.

Title of music: Dance sounds

Composer: Paul A Jackson

Track title: Dream

I chose this piece of music as it gave me the most ideas for my choreography. It also provided me with different tempos and dynamic range. It allowed me to use different dynamics for different aspects of my dance that portrayed each character in their own unique way.