Proper Employee Management

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Humans can be judgmental and this can cause serious motivational, ethical, and legal problems inside the workplace. If there is not a structured system of appraisal there is no way to guarantee the judgments made on employees will be fair, lawful, and accurate.

There are very few issues within the workplace that cause as many problems as performance appraisals. Researchers, and management commentators have expressed their doubts about the reliability of performance appraisals. It has been said that the system so flawed it will never be perfect no matter how had people try. But, there are those who believe that performance reviews have many important uses for the development of the employee; such as promotions and pay increases.

The performance appraisal has tow basic operating functions; an evaluation system and a feed back system. The main task for the evaluation system is to identify if there is a performance gap.

"This gap is the short fall that occurs when performance does not meet the standard set by the organization as acceptable (". The main task of the feedback systems is to tell the employee about their work performance.

As with any workplace issue there are going to be flaws, problems, conflicts; the performance appraisal is one of those issues. These conflicts usually only arise when a poor performance is given to an employee who may or may not have deserved it or when a good appraisal is given to an employee who doesn't deserve it.

Judgment aversion- many people have a problem with judging other. They don't want to be associated with something that may or may not reflect a negative factor on an employee's permanent record. Training in the techniques of constructive evaluation will help with the appraisers who don't want to pay judge with their employees. Appraisers need...