Psychological Disorders: Nurture as Opposed to Nature

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You got your blue eyes from your mother, and your hair colour from your father, but where did you get your vast imagination and obsession for perfection? For a long time people believed that psychological disorders could be traced to the genome. But a new study by Glen O. Gabbard, a distinguished professor of Psychoanalysis, concluded that it was the nurturing a child received, not nature, which was the cause of various mental disorders. This lead to an ongoing debate over the true nature of mental illness. Therefore, I believe that Psychological disorders are more related to nurture as opposed to nature and are evident in the causes, treatments and symptoms of the illnesses.

The causes of psychological disorders are more related to nurture than nature. First off, many mental disorders are caused by severe physical and sexual abuse, especially during childhood. According to my notes, four illnesses are caused by abuse, they are: Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Post Traumatc Stress Disorder, Eating Disorder and Psychopathic Personality Disorder. Parents are expected to raise their children in a positive and safe environment, people who are abused (especially children) are more likely to develop these psychological illnesses. Secondly, stress is the root cause of many disorders and is nurture based. Proof of this can be found in my notes from class, which links stress as the cause of Eating Disorder, Major Depression Disorder and Schizophrenia. Stress is caused by life events that are abnormal or have a negative impact on an individual, usually from parental disaproval or negligence and has been proven to lead to various mental illnesses. Lastly, drug abuse is the cause of numerous mental disorders and it is nurture related. For example, Psychopathic Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia are caused by drug abuse. Drug abuse can cause severe mental...