Quapaw Indians.

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The Quapaw Indians had many aspects for their tribes such as a political and social organization, religion, tools, and weapons. They were a very religious group.

The Quapaw political organization was based on member consultation, and had no absolute power. They had hereditary chiefs, meaning that if the chief had a son, when his father passed, he was to take over as chief. The chief performed traditional duties. In the time of Tall chief's death, his only daughter performed the rituals as well as performed some of the traditional duties. Their social organization was based on patrilineal, which means that the chief's traced ancestry through their fathers, and adopted their father's clan. In their social organization, there were two major divisions: the earth and the sky people. The earth people were the ones that were the administrators to the well being of the tribe. The sky people were the ones that were more spiritual than the earth people.

The Wakondah was the Quapaw's most sacred religion. Wakontah was not what people would call God. It was some kind of energy or force that fulfilled everything. Even though the Wakontah was in everything, the Quapaw respected everything that nature created. Studies say that the Quapaw were the first environmentalists. Quapaw had a tribe member called a holy man. This holy man performed most of the religion rituals. The holy man cured sickness, as well as performed marriages, and other religious rituals.

The Quapaws traded with the French for weapons. For hunting and fishing, they used spears. For fighting in battles, some used spears and weapons. The French were the first to have contact with the Quapaw Indians. The French were allies to the Quapaws when it came time for battle.