"Rachel Carson's Environmental Concern"

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Rachel Carson was a remarkable person who cared about our natural habitat and the destruction of it, so much that she made it her goal to inform the world about the dangers of the pesticides and chemicals that we us in our everyday life. She wanted society as a whole to have a different way of thinking about the environment. Because Rachel had a love for nature and a career as a marine biologist, she felt we were being threatened by the unnatural chemicals known as pesticides. Her goal was to reach the people by writing in magazine articles and then later writing a short book called "Silent Spring" that helped to pay off all her hard work.

Since she was a little girl she had a love for nature. Growing up on a family farm and living in Springdale, Pennsylvania also helped her develop a respect for it.

When Rachel was little, her mother would sometimes keep her from going to school because she was overprotective of her getting sick or catching contagious diseases that were during her time. Maybe Rachel's mother helped her to become more aware of the dangers in the world. When Rachel got older she began to study the danger of pesticides and what harm it was doing to our environment. It was at this point in time she decided to write a book called "Silent Spring." The book made an incredible change in her life and the lives of many people. Her main goal for the book was to convince the people that the chemicals of pesticides that pollute the air and contaminate the water, which people thought were harmless, were actually very life threatening for the whole world.

In her short story she describes the dangers and causes of the...