Ralph in "Lord of the Flies" as a hero

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There are many ways a person can be a hero; sometime it is the main character of the book, sometime it could just be an average person passing by. In Mr.Golding's book Lord of the Flies, Ralph is being portrayed as a leader and a hero. In my mind as I read "Lord of the Flies", Ralph seems like an ideal leader, but yet he lacks trait of what a good leader needs. Foremost is his lack of intelligent, in many cases, he looks toward Piggy for directions and answers. However, aside for that, Ralph is a good leader that keeps his group under control. Ralph not only understands people better than Jack but respect them. He makes simple rules to keep the boys from going crazy and keep his mind on getting rescued. His sense of the future makes him a good leader.

Other qualities that he has which makes him such a good leader are that he thinks everyone is equal.

Piggy is the weakest of the group and therefore gets pick on constantly. When Jack that Piggy to shut up even though Piggy got the conch, Ralph step in and defend Piggy, "Jack! You haven't got the Conch, let him speak!" His clear understanding of people nature makes him a better leader than Jack. He understands that people need rules and stability in order to remain civilized.