Is the Rebel flag heritage or hate?

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In my opinion the Rebel flag can symbolize both hate and heritage depending on when, where and who is using it. Mainly where or who it is being used by. If the flag was to be flying in a museum or on a southern battlefield in which the south did win, then I think it would be heritage. Or if the flag would be part of a states flag, that took part in that era, Basically if the flag is being used for a educational purpose or so show a history then I think it is acceptable and being used for heritage.

However, if the Rebel flag was to be being displayed or flown in a un-history environment, then I think that it is showing hate. For instance, if a business anywhere open to the public was hanging the Rebel flag, I think that would be discriminating and hate.

To me this subject is somewhat turmoil thus being, we do live in America and it does say that we have the right of speech. So basically how you feel is how you feel and how you choose to display it is your choice.

In my opinion, anyone using this flag for a personal use is showing racism and hate. It all really depends on who's flying it and where it is flying as I had stated before. To this question the can not be a right or wrong answer and anyone who can honestly say that the Rebel flag only represents either heritage or hate and that's it in back in white, is way off, and should maybe read or do some more research of the subject, honestly. So I think that it can show both, that's how I feel, some may feel different, but I really can't see...