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It was around nine o'clock in the evening when the phone started to ring. Joe remained seated for several seconds before hoisting himself from his leather chair, and making his way across the room. He always found it frustrating that people rang him during the only time of his day in which he could relax, and had purposely moved the phone out of the living room, to deter him from answering it. Nevertheless, this strategy had failed to work, and only succeeded in aggravating him more. The phone was lying on the desk next to a perfectly organised tower of paper work. Joe carefully reached over the stack of paper and picked up the receiver.

'Hello' he said, wearily.

'Hello' replied a jittery male voice, 'I'm calling from Exeter General Hospital. Can you confirm that I am talking to a Mr. Joseph Johnson of 34 Winchester Terrace?'


'Oh, um, Mr Johnson, I am afraid I have some rather grave news concerning your mother.'

'Go on' responded Joe, unnerved by the statement that was being presented to him.

'Um, I regret to inform you that your mother, Mrs Elizabeth Johnson has recently suffered a stroke, and was brought into hospital two days ago, where she is currently recovering.'

The nervous voice paused out of courtesy, to let Joe gather his thoughts. Joe exhaled deeply and started clicking his tongue. This was bad news for him-the forthcoming week was crammed with tight schedules and deadlines, and this news was sure to disrupt the agenda that he had so carefully planned. After awaiting a reply for several seconds, the voice continued.

'I have also been instructed to add that your mother has expressed her desire to see you.'

The clicking stopped.

'Ok' said Joe uncertainty 'Thanks for letting me know.'

Joe went...