Research methods used and some answers to the question: Does chocolate cause headaches?

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To find out if chocolate caused headaches I did a search on Google, which is a search engine. By inputting 'headaches and chocolate' it gave me quite a few websites which had very interesting information on them. However, some links to the websites which Google listed did not work, and other sites were of no use as they provided irrelevant information. I also searched for newspaper articles through Google, and this too brought back many helpful sites to explore.

I noticed by doing this search that chocolate has more of an impact on migraine sufferers and so I changed my search to chocolate and migraines and used the MSN search engine, for this gave me even more relevant websites. These contained good quality information and so I decided to use some of them for my bibliography as well as a couple of sites from the initial search. I found the Google search engine the easiest to use as I am familiar with this site, although the MSN search did provide me with the more interesting sites.

When selecting my sites for research, I began the process of creating a bibliography. This was more difficult than I first thought as I had to find the author of the site, and the date of when the articles were written. This was not always easy, as some of the sites I found did not have a date and sometimes no clear author.

'The field museum' website suggested that there is little evidence that chocolate can cause headaches, however, it did suggest that studies show some migraine sufferers may suffer headaches due to eating chocolate. There was no author of this information so it is difficult to tell whether it is a reliable article. The Swedish medical centre (2005) website had some interesting facts...