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The film "Waging Peace" shows the problems of Caledonia Junior High School (CJH) and how the new administration staff helps to change the school environment from disrespectful to positive and civilized. The school's administration staff changed and Edy Guy-Francois took the responsibility as principal to make a serious change in the school environment. When Edy arrived at the school many problems were evident. There was violence between students, used as the main problem solving method, vandalism to the halls and bathrooms and the students had no respect for themselves, their peers or their teachers. Edy was faced with the challenge of fixing these problems.

Edy used many different ways to discipline the students and to teach the students to solve problems without using force. Her first plan was to get teachers to patrol the hallways and enforce stricter rules as soon as the bell rang to dismiss students. This plan was not very successful because the teachers were out numbered by students and it was difficult to catch all mischievous students.

The first plan failed for Edy and this was a set back but she found another way to help bring change. Edy introduced a peer mediation group and racial discrimination group. These groups helped the students solve problems and sort out difficulties without fist fights and other types of violence. This plan was very successful because it helped bring students closer together by eliminating enemies and making new friends. This plan had helped build more respect in CJH.

The Ontario Education Act 1990, Section XIII, 301.1 clearly states a Code of Conduct which must be adhered to in all Ontario schools. At Frontenac Secondary School we have the right to learn in an uninterrupted way. That means that if someone is interrupting the class then they will be removed...