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Main Conflict in the River

The conflict start when Derek and Brian go to Canadian forest. On night there is thunder. Derek is hit by lighting when his hand is reaching into his briefcase for his radio. One of his finger touches the radio and at the same time lighting hits Derek. After this Derek falls into coma. Brian decides to go to a Trading Post down river. First the author makes the Derek in coma, then Brian decides to go to trading post for help, but he can't leave Derek alone, so he decides to take Derek with him, then he goes to make a craft. When the craft is ready, the next step is going to the trading post. On the trip, there are a lot of dangers are waiting for Brian and Derek. This is the main conflict in the story.

Brave guy

I think Brian is brave because when Derek is hit by lighting and is in a coma.

He is a little nervous, but also Brian accompanies Derek. He doesn't want to leave him alone because there are animals, they may think he is dead and eat him even small things-ants, bugs. On the way to the trading post, a lot of dangers are waiting for them. The things like some lakes he thinks must be swamps, though the darker green portions that mean heavier forest. Although there are dangers are waiting for him, when he thinks of Derek, he doesn't care about the dangers that he has to face. This is why I think Brian is brave.