Role of commanwealth bank Australia in Australian financial system

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Executive summary:

This report provides you with a meticulous information with reference to how the Commonwealth Bank of Australia limited plays a very significant role in the financial configuration of the markets that has successfully operated with supplementary institutions in harmonizing the demand for, and the supply of finance in the market and managed to grow over the years as an impressive and world class pecuniary institution by mounting and delivering ground-breaking financial instruments. This report also gives you an indication of how commonwealth bank facilitates transactions for goods and services and financial transactions

This report briefly describes how the bank operates itself in to the market pertaining to the accessibility of electronic commerce and other new service delivery technologies for the local Australians and people with a disability; this report also highlights initiatives which ensure the benefits of newer technologies which are available to all the Bank customers, How The Bank is continuing its longstanding commitment to serve all Australians, by ensuring suppleness and alternatives in providing a wide range of financial products and services.

This report also shows, how the use of electronic services has been growing rapidly, in terms of transaction by the commonwealth bank being conducted electronically and a trend that is expected to continue for the long running future in order to gain a higher share market and also lead as a major financial player into the international and domestic markets as well.

Eventually this report elaborates the past five year financial performance summary of the administration (Commonwealth Bank) along with the shareholders summary as well, thus proving to be a leading financial institution when compared to its rival fighting for a top slot into the markets. The bank is also recognized to be one of the four pillars among the financial institutions including National,