The role of globalization in Canada and Egypt.

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The push and pull of global forces is a factor common to every country in the world. In the struggle for power, even richer countries fall prey to corporate interest, arduous and effectual decision-making, and sometimes even devastation. While the global community can act as a positive force, both Canada and Egypt experience their downsides on a daily basis. However, assessing the negative and positive aspects of globalization, in addition to the foreign policies of Egypt and Canada may aid in understanding the need for a global community effort in democratic progress, and for a strong and peaceful foreign policy on behalf of both governments to coincide with the wishes of a global community.

An equally important concept to discuss is just how indicative foreign policy is of a country's quality of democracy. It is impossible to deny that every country in the world is at least partially affected by external subordination, cultural influence, etc.

-- if one country is more influenced than another, that country is not necessarily less democratic. Moreover, it is difficult to determine whether or not a country conducts its foreign policy "in accordance with democratic norms", because many countries in the world have obtained different stances on foreign policy. One cannot accuse, for example, a country which limits its immigration policy of acting in a non-democratic manner. When this issue is considered, it is clear that both Egypt's and Canada's international roles are almost equal democratically.

The Role of the International Community: The Case of Egypt

The role of the international community in the shaping of Egypt's governmental decisions must be analyzed before anything can be concluded about the level of democracy in the country. Undeniably, globalization could be equally to blame for any negative, "non-democratic" decisions Egypt's government decides to make in terms of...