"Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare: A letter from Juliet after her death.

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Dearest Romeo

From the moment I set my eyes on you, you stole my heart and took my breath away. Our love could conquer all, but was not prepared for the reality of fate. If I was not a Capulet, and our families' age old battle did not exist, we might have not even crossed paths. We cannot place our problems into the lap of veracity for it is not to blame. No one is. Why is that some people who find love, handle it with such negligence? We should not have kept our love a secret, but should have embraced it. Everyone tried to help us; the nurse, Friar Lawrence but our immaturity got the best of us. It was my fault for drinking the potion and deceiving everyone into believing I was dead, and your fault for slaying Tybalt. I am not placing accuse on either of us, so we should not blame the nurse or Friar either.

All they tried to do was help us. I am sorry for all the pain I caused you and I sincerely wish I could take back every tear fallen from your eyes. I wish I could take back all those sleepless nights you had to endure. I would die a thousand deaths, relive our lives over and over just to be with you those few magical days, well aware of what fate had in store for us. Perhaps we were meant for something more and this lifetime was only one of the times we would be together. Just look at the love between our families now, we should be proud and grateful. I promise you one thing Romeo, we will meet again and our love will continue to blossom and grow into something bigger than this world.

Your Love,