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1. What was Rudy Vallee's original name and why was it changed to what it is now?

Rudy Vallee was born with the name Hubert Prior Vallee in 1901. He then later changed his name to Rudy after the famous saxophonist Rudy Wiedoft. During his studies at the University of Maine Vallee would repeatedly play Wiedofts records thus earning him the nickname Rudy.

2. Why was Rudy Vallee so popular and what were his talents?

Rudy Vallee was famous for many reasons he was a singer, actor, bandleader, and an entertainer. He became most known for his new and popular crooner style of singing. Rudy had a thin tenor voice that was different from most other jazz vocalists but his uniqueness and good looks attracted great attention. Rudy Vallee was also an excellent saxophone and clarinet player.

3. What was Rudy's education?

Rudy went to high school in Westbrook, Maine but soon dropped out of school in 1917 and went to the Navy but he was discharged when the Navy found out he was only 15 years old.

So he went back and reentered high school and graduated, enrolling himself in the University of Maine, there he was nicknamed "Rudy". Rudy then transferred to Yale University where he worked from his tuition by playing in country clubs, social functions, and school dances. His band at the time was known as the Yale Collegians.

4. Where and how did Rudy get his first recording?

In 1924 Rudy dropped out of Yale and went to London where he worked at the Savoy Hotel, he there played the saxophone with the Savoy Havana Band. He stayed there for a year making his first recording.

5. When and how did Rudy's career kick off?

After coming back from London he readmitted in Yale and...