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In any business institution, it is imperative that an organizational structure is identified and adapted to the strategic plan of the organization. This eliminates misunderstandings and presents the expectations from the corporation to its managers and to the service level employees. In Corporate America, depending on the institution, several structural methodologies are adopted as the ideal organizational structure for that particular company. However, coming in to an environment of established rules, and standard operating procedures, an individual brings a new cultural dynamic to the table. Irrespective of the corporate level that individual is placed, their contribution to the corporation is as important as any other member on team.

Smith and Falmouth (S&F) is a medium sized Tele-Shopping and Mail Order Network that has operations in the U.S. and Canada. Smith & Falmouth's online primarily utilizes a decentralized organizational structure. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Irene Seagraves, at the apex of the pyramid, followed by the Chief Operating Officer, then to the Project Manager, James William Argyle, who directly joins forces with the Logistics and Marketing managers, Brian Kervor and Adam Searle.

The S&F Company is driven by industry benchmarks and an internal strategic plan. In order to stay financially stable and market competitive the company started an e-tailing division named S&F Online. To get the program in place, the new CEO Irene Seagraves implemented various teams to develop a program, manage the inventory and marketing of this division of the company. She gave the teams nine months to accomplish the task of creating a successful and profitable business. Most decisions that impact their division are made within their respective division. The organization does have many centralized strategic goals that are handed down to all divisions from the parent company. The next few paragraphs will compare the structure of S&F Company...