The Sad Clown (the assignment was to write a decriptive essay about a made up person in a made up place).

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The flaming red headed clown was strutting down the hot steamy pavement on a scorching hot afternoon. He looked sadly down at his giant left shoe realizing he had a problem. Bobo was upset because the sole of his left shoe was slowly breaking away. Not knowing what to do, Bobo went to the old rusty pay phone on the corner of 5th Avenue in downtown Chicago. Searching through the ancient and overly used phonebook he located the number for Bob's Shoe Repair Services. He realized that the newly formed shoe building was all the way on the other side of the crowded local park.

As he headed past the new hot dog stand on big old fashioned wagon wheels a smell of sauerkraut lingered in the air. This smell reminded him of his brightly colored fun filled home at the circus. Bobo just got fired two days ago and was still depressed from the whole situation.

The smell drifting around him also reminded the gloomy clown that he has not had a full meal in days. Reaching into his raggedy pants, Bobo felt around only to find a old dusty penny and a melted balloon in the emptiness of his pocket. Adjusting his poca dot straps Bobo looked up and tried to be an optimist. He looked around the green , sunny park at the the young children laughing. This made Bobo feel somewhat better about the terrible situation. This inspired him to make his way across the rocky trail to the other side of the park to the Shoe Repair Store.

Finally reaching the newly painted store he felt a rush of excitement sweep over him. He felt some sense of accomplishment on that depressing, yet beautiful afternoon. Looking down at the plum colored flowers he tried to soak up any happiness he could. One thing that could turn the unsatisfying day around was to fix his worn, yet favorite, shoes. The only problem that stood in the way of him walking into the shinny glass door to get his shoes repaired was the fact he had no money.