Same Sex Marriage

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I feel that same sex marriages should be allowed because the relationship is of two loving people. How does the relationship truly differ from a relationship involving a man and a woman? Anna Quindlen expresses her feelings about same sex marriages in her essay "Evan's Two Moms." Her basic argument in the essay is that there is a problem that gays and lesbians face when it comes to marriage. They are not being treated equally and they feel like they are not accepted. She argues that they should be treated equally and they should have the same rights that a man and a woman have when it comes to marriage. The typical example of marriage is two people living together; sharing household and living expenses, the only thing different is that they are of the same sex.

I understand and agree with Quindlen's argument about same sex marriage. Marriage is about compassion and love for one another; two people who fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Who are we as a society to judge the feelings of an individual? People who are gay or lesbian have it hard enough in the real world when it comes to socializing or involving themselves in any activities. "After years of being sledge-hammered by society, some gay men and lesbian women are deeply suspicious of participating in any institution that seems to have "straight world" written all over it" (Quindlen, 410). That does not seem right to me. No one should feel uncomfortable about who they are.

Quindlen states a few examples of situations people were forced to face because they had a gay or lesbian relationship. One example involves a lawyer who was planning to get married to her lesbian lover and after the...