"Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf" by Wendelin Van Draanen - simple summary of book, persuasive essay

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How would you feel if you were put out on the streets if you didn't find a runaway dog? Well that's exactly how Sammy felt. Someone's kidnapped the prize Pomeranian and Sammy is going to stop at nothing to find this dog. Sammy got problems of her own, one example is Gram's next door neighbor, Ms.Graybill is going to try everything to get Sammy out of her sight. Sam's mother who she has tried to forget for a whole year is coming back to see her. The Author of this book is Wendelin Van Draanen. She is married and is a mom. She writes comical books about young determined women finding their way in life. So listen carefully as I try to explain this out of this world book.

This book is located in Santa Martina, California where Sammy lives with her grandmother at Senior Highrise. Santa Martina is a strange town.

For instance the city's statue is a softball player catching the ball. And the town's calendar is puppies. Other than that the town is just like other towns. Senior Highrise is only for seniors so Sammy has to sneak around a lot, especially around her neighbor, Ms. Graybill. Well I think you get the picture, now on to the good stuff. The scene of the crime was at the Christmas parade, on a chilly night. There were a number of people there, plus a hand full of floats. Well that's all I'll tell you for now you got to finish it.... So if you like mysteries you'll love Sammy Keyes.