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The situation at South Heights Public School provides Sandra Lee with 3 alternatives. Using a number of decision criteria, Sandra Lee's options/alternatives are evaluated and remaining alternatives are discussed. Despite the lack of motivation of the staff and students, and Sandra's weak leadership, we recommend that Sandra stay at South Heights to improve her leadership skills and career potential.


A number of actors contribute to a variety of problems in the Sandra Lee case. Sandra quickly accepted a position to advance her career without appreciating the extent of the situation and thus how to remedy the issue. She hastily created a solution that did not address the root causes of the problems. A new coat of paint and parent teacher conferences cannot address the underlying issues. Her partial successes do not offset the numerous failures of her plan underscored by her lack of orienteering herself with the community context that would have indicated a need to develop a multi-layered plan.

Further, a survey of the situation would have directed her to seek outside experience to assist her in formulating a plan of action.

The teaching staff at South Heights have lost their way. Frustrated by the effort and lack of training required to effectively deal with troubled students, teachers react to situations, in a manner parents do, instead of employing a productive approach.

School board's inaction has fostered an environment of that succumbs to externalities experienced in the greater community. The Sherwood School Board has permitted the self-perpetuating cycle of despair to enter the school environment.


Power and influence processes underscore organizational life. Many managers have lost their jobs in workplace power struggles. Workplace dynamics impact people's careers,

their organizational decisions and the organization's survival. Developing...