How to Save Time at the Grocery Store.

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Grocery shopping seems to be one of those necessary evils that we all have to do periodically, but for which there never seems to be enough time. In reality, most people spend more time at the grocery store than is necessary. Using a little advance planning, an easy shopping system, and speedy check out techniques you can be in and out in no time!

The first key to successful, speedy grocery shopping is organization. If you have time, study the sale papers. Make your list and organize it aisle by aisle. You may even consider keeping a permanent shopping list so you can circle what is needed. Some savvy shoppers keep a running list on the refrigerator and add items as they run low. If you are a "couponer" mark your list with a (c) next to items for which you have coupons. Stick to your list and you will save time and money.

Once you have done your organizational homework, you are ready start shopping. If possible, do not shop with small children. Nothing slows a shopping trip down like having to argue over what brand of cereal to buy. Avoid the crowds by shopping late at night or early in the morning (6:00 am is good). If you go too early, you will run into the nighttime stockers with huge pallets of boxes on every aisle. Early Sunday morning is a particularly good time. You should also try to shop as a team with your spouse or older teenager. One of you can shop the perimeter of the store with the cart while the other collects items from aisles and brings the items back to the shopping cart. Try to shop in order of your list to minimize backtracking and save time by eliminating...