Saving a Hospital.

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With today's economy it is hard to offer employees the incentives that they were once accustomed to in the earlier days. While analyzing the case study, Let is Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant the author is faced with dilemma after dilemma. The root of the problem however, goes to the core of the organization. When hospitals are plagued with problems with no foreseeable solution, the board of director's and community begin to get concerned. As Chris Smith, a graduate fresh out of the University of Phoenix accepted his new position, he had no idea of the obstacles that he would be up against. He is faced with the challenge of turning around a hospital that is in trouble both physically and financially. With the lack of employee moral and the skepticism from the community, Board of Director's, and physician staff, he is going to have to believe that, "when it rains, it pours".

The first problem that needs to be addressed is, the medical profession as a whole, is being attacked by the media and blame is being placed for medical mistakes. Because this is what the public sees every time either a radio or the television is turned on, a heightened level of security is raised. There is no question that medical mistakes (human error) do in fact happen and facilities and physicians do need to take responsibility for their actions, but at some point in time, the patient's needs to accept some responsibility for their health as well. Because there are so many different beliefs and religions being practiced in modern society, Faith Community Hospital should begin offering educational programs to ensure that the families of these patients are fully aware of the medical consequences of their actions, and devise a documents for them to...