"The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad.

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The story of "The Secret Sharer" written by Joseph Conrad is about a Young Nameless Captain who was not sure of himself or of what he was doing aboard the ship. He feels strange aboard the ship and also unfamiliar with the sailors, he feels that they don't trust him and would betray him, as they sailed to the Gulf of Siam he would embark on a journey that would take him to discover his true-self and his real purpose on the ship.

They went to the Gulf of Siam the Nameless Captain was commanding a crew and a ship that he didn't know he felt insecure about his decisions and most of all he felt insecure about himself. While the Captain is on board he sees a ship in a far distance, later on he would tell to the rest of the crew seeing a ship near the coast.

Most of the mates guessed that the ship was a coal ship named Sephora, but what really worried the Nameless Captain was that he was on a ship that he didn't knew anything of and men that he didn't know.

On the deck he noticed that a rope was hanging down on one side of the ship, the Nameless Captain pulls on a rope and finds that a body was holding it. He pulls the man on board and introduces himself as Leggatt. The Nameless Captain gave him some clothes to wear, while Leggatt was dressing himself he told the Nameless Captain his story that he was a mate on the Sephora ship and had murdered a man who was very evil for that reason he was jailed aboard the ship, he told the Nameless Captain how he managed to escape from the ship and told him in detail...