"Shawshank Redemption"

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Characterisation in a film is the key to success, as by having powerful and dominating characters the plot and story line comes alive. Success of characters in the film will depend on the degree they endorse or challenge our values, and the way they have the power to link our own values to the ones displayed in the movie. In Shawshank redemption characters such as Andy and Red are prime examples of decent protagonists who value common beliefs that society shares today. While the sinful antagonist played by the Warden portrays different and unacceptable values, which challenge what we believe in and what we acknowledge as fair and correct.

Andy is introduced into the film as guilty, a murderer. But the way Andy is presented and the way he acts, speaks and what he achieves not only for himself but the others in the prison all present the possibility that he has been wrongly charged.

From the beginning of the movie, Andy is seen as a quiet man who causes no trouble and who keeps to himself. His solitary ways find himself becoming good mates with another jail-mate Red. Red explains that "Andy was a quiet man, who kept to himself, I liked him from the start" this describes that without Andy saying one word to Red, Red was able to receive good-natured vibes from him and was able to detect that Andy was a good guy who shared similar values to that of Red's.

With Andy being constructed as they way he is, you are put in the position of agreeing with Andy's perception of the way things are in the jail. His belief of justice and the abuse of authority come across quite strong and with the characterisation of the Warden initiating this corruption you...