The Shroud of Turin.

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Scientist and people who studied Theology have been wondering if it is true, many kinds of investigations have been held, so they can prove if this shroud is really the one in which Jesus Christ was covered with.

Our main goal in this investigation is to recollect all the data that has been used to prove if this shroud is as old as people claim it to be, we should be able to provide our own conclusion and our own opinion about this topic.

We are sure that you might find information that would make you doubt about it but you never know if you don't search for the answer.


The shroud of Turin as many know claims to be the piece of linen in which Jesus Christ was wrapped in when he was crucified and berried in the tomb. People started to take notice of this cloth because when a man called Secondo Pia took a picture of this shroud you could see from the picture that it was the clearly image of a man who had been crucified.

And so many scientist have been looking for small things that can lead them to know if this is the genuinely shroud. Scientists have made their own hypothesis in the matter but they based on one important issue the carbon 14 dating.

The carbon 14 dating is a way to determine how old is something such as artefacts, relics, bones, cloth and it can go up to 50 thousand years.

The first carbon 14 dating that was allowed by the Vatican in the year of 1988 in which 3 laboratories very reputable located in Oxford, Tucson AZ. and Zurich held the investigations of the carbon 14 dating.

The scientists that believe...