Skipping Breakfast

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Skipping breakfast can be harmful to your health. People usually skip breakfast because they wake up too late, there in too much of a hurry to catch the bus to school, or they're not hungry in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The most common reasons for skipping breakfast is because they wake up too late, they're in a hurry, or they're just not a morning person. Waking up too late could be because they don't go to sleep until very late. They should try going to bed earlier or set something to eat to run out the door with. People that are in a hurry should also put something out like a granola bar. People who aren't morning people should pack something to eat later in the day.

Skipping breakfast can cause health problems. Skipping breakfast can cause tooth decay, give you a lower energy level, and can make you lose focus on your schoolwork.

Skipping breakfast can also hurt you in the long run. Because you can get tooth decay, it can cause cavities and make you spend money on fill-ins. Because you have a lower energy level, you won't perform 100% in sports. If you lose focus on your school work, it can lower your grade in that class. Skipping breakfast can cause many long and short term problems.

Not eating breakfast can affect your energy level, give you tooth decay, and affect your schoolwork. Try and grab something to eat if you're in a rush and make it nutritious. Always eat breakfast, because it's the most important meal of the day.