Smoking in Public Buildings.

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All smokers are not sinners. Most people do not like those who smoke in public places, such as public buildings, because it injures their health. Especially, smoking is dangerous to pregnant women and to children. Most public buildings in the U.S. outlaw smoking. Despite no smoking in pubic buildings, many smokers continue to smoke. So nonsmokers are very dissatisfied with smokers. They have to realize that smoking is difficult to give up. However, smoking in public buildings should be allowed in certain places because smokers' freedom needs to be respected.

First, a cigarette can be adults' favorite thing. Smoking may get rid of stress and suppress adults' anxious state of mind for adults. Most smokers get rid of stress by smoking because a cigarette is a favorite way to relieve stress. When smokers smoke in public buildings, they have the right to enjoy their cigarettes freely. Therefore, building owners should create many smoking rooms.

Just as other people have their favorite things, smokers like to smoke, whenever they want. Smokers suffer when they cannot smoke because of no smoking areas in public buildings. Though smoke may harm second hand smokers, its effects will be lessened if ventilation is made available in public buildings.

Second, smokers have the right the pursuit of happiness and they get a feeling of satisfaction through smoking. Therefore, smokers should be allowed to smoke in public buildings. If smokers have to forfeit this right, perhaps they will start a movement to demand the right to smoke. An office worker who is very busy cannot relax in other ways, such as traveling, because he or she no time for it. So busy office workers, who have a job in a public building smoke instead of doing other things, such as traveling or exercise. Public buildings in the...