Spanish Civil War - "In what ways and for what reasons did foreign intervention play an important role in the Spanish Civil War?"

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The Spanish Civil War was a conflict in Spain, during the years 1936 - 1939, following the failure of a military rebellion to overthrow Spain's democratically elected government. The war divided Spain both geographically and ideologically. This also saw all the political parties dividing themselves into two camps. There were the left-wing parties (also known as the "Popular Front") and the right-wing parties (also known as the National Front). The Popular Front was made up of Communists, Socialists, Liberals, Republicans and Anarchists. While the National Front was made up of Nationalists, Monarchists (Carlists), Conservatives, CEDA (Confederacion Espanola de Derechas Autonomas or the Confederation of Autonomous Rightist Groups). General Franco was the leader of the Nationalist forces that fought to overthrow Spain's democratically elected government.

Foreign Intervention undoubtedly played an important role in the outcome of the Spanish Civil War. The National Front received greater assistance from their overseas counterparts, and the assistance they received was of a higher standard: 16,000 military advisers, latest aircraft.

From Italy, they received 50,000 troops, 763 aircraft and 91 warships. The Popular Front received assistance from USSR and the International brigade. The International Brigade was a sort of 'International Army' if you like. It was made up of men, and women, from all sorts of different countries. Although their backgrounds and beliefs were different, they all went to Spain because they believed they could help stop the spread of Fascism. From when they first arrived until the last unit of the brigade left Spain in November 1938, they played an important role in nearly every major military campaign of the war.

In 1936, Britain set up the "Non-Intervention Committee" which agreed that no assistance would be given to either side. US, Britain and France agreed to this agreement whereas Germany (Hitler) and Italy (Mussolini) disagreed...