Speech: Why computers are a vital tool in today's society.

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We Cannot Survive Without Computers In Our World!!

Good Afternoon/Good Morning class mates and fellow teacher. I'm here to present why computers are a vital tool in today's society.

In 1941 the first computer based calculator was developed by Konrad Zuse a German engineer. In 1948 the first program running pc was developed by tom Kilburn, in 1952 they were commercially available the problem was only the wealthy had the benefit of having one.Now,54years later, its rare to witness a household without a computer. Without a computer our world would be corrupt.

Now businesses rely on computer technology to assist them in every aspect of their corporate life. Computers have vastly invaded grocery stores, fast food restaurants, big businesses and small offices. Computers process data, store information, work out complex problems and even control temperature and lighting in office and parliamentary buildings. Reliance on computers is so great that the world of business and trading would collapse if computers were to be removed.

It's most likely that when we buy something at the store our purchase will be scanned at the checkout by, might I add, a computer based device. When we bring a package to a local post office, the clerk will put it on a scale attached to a computer.

Cat scans help doctors view body organs to see if there healthy. Farmers also rely on computers to plan planting and harvesting of crops. Every time you reserve space on an airplane, check your bank statement, or telephone your friend, you are depending on computers.

It is hard to imagine a world without computers. As technology increases so will all our ways of using computers leading to an advanced future.

A survey was conducted on a large portion of each nation of the world. It showed...