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Over the last quarter of business our chronometers sales have dropped to an extreme low. In the past we have competed successfully against our competitors by offering the lowest prices on chronometers and because of that our quality has suffered. Our competitors are equipped with the most up to date machinery which gives them a extremely high level of quality. Without the most up to date machinery we have not been able to provide the consumer with the level of quality offered by our competitors. Because of the decline in sales new operation methods will have to be implemented.

Studies have shown that the majority of the public views our product as being second rate in comparison to our competitors. Our competitors Zweiger, Schoebel, and Waechter are viewed as first rate companies with high quality products and if we want to compete with them we have to provide the consumer with a first rate product.

Studies have shown that our machinery is out of date so we need to upgrade or purchase new equipment to become more completive. In the third cycle of research it has become apparent which machines need to be upgraded for the quality of out product to improve. The poising machine needs to be upgraded, the poising machine is used to poise the balance wheel. Poising is extremely important because it determines the accuracy of the movement in various positions and upgrading this machine will ensure that accuracy, the cost of this is $200,000 but is well worth it. The timing machine also needs to be upgraded. The timing machine has several purposes including the final time regulation tool and is a indispensable for watchmakers, the cost of this is $150,000. The purchase of customized movement holders will greatly improve the assembly line and help keep...