Steriods. Ben Johnsons use of steriods and the effects.

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Ben Johnson, who is a Canadian sprinter, was sent home from the Seoul Olymipic Games embarrassed because of his use of steroids. Ben Johnson was stripped of his 100 meter gold medal after being tested and appearing positive for the use of drugs. Ben Johnson was also banned from competing for two years, and all of the records he broke were taken away from him and also all the medals he won were gone. He began running again in January of 1991 and he couldn't stop thinking of the day he went from fastest man in the world to nothing.

I don't like it when athletes use steroids or any drug that enhances your strength or speed because they are just a fake. They use it because they are not fast or strong enough or they just want the money if they come first because they were lucky enough to not get caught.

There are many ways to hide the usage of steroids and many people use those ways but Ben Johnson didn't and he was caught and that was unfortunate.

I don't agree with the use of steroids and I never will and I think that when Ben Johnson was stripped of his records and his title as the "fastest man in the world" he deserved it because he was a fake and he is not the fastest man on the world steroids are. I think that banning him was right and others might say that banning him was wrong because he is a drug user and an addict just like some people on the streets but it's different. He used the drugs to cheat and to be selfish and the people on the street might have gotten addicted because they were selfish but they are different and...