The Stolen Generations

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Dear editor

I want to set people straight; it has been kept in the dark to long, the truth about the stolen generations. Reports have shown that between one-tenth and one-third of half cast children were forcibly removed from their mothers during 1910 to 1970. Out of these 1-5 were sexually abused, 1-6 of those sent to institutions were physically Assaulted many children were sent to white families at a young age as farm hands or servants. Removed children were not allowed to know anything about their origins or indigenous heritage, the children lost their families, languages, cultures and title rights e.g. Bessy Flower was born in 1943 and at the age of 19 months was forcibly removed from her mother's arms in the South-West of Western Australia. Bessy spent 14 years of her life at the Annesfield native institution where she was refused correspondence with her parents and suffered ongoing sexual abuse.

Not to mention malnutrition and humiliation. In 1788, aboriginal children like Bessy were first taken from their families and placed in missions and institutions.