A story about a Dating Service.

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I had not seen my friend, Jennifer, in so long. We had been great friends in high school, but after graduation, we went our seperate ways, as most did. One day I decided to go to the mall during my lunch break to squeeze in some much needed shoe shopping. As I was browsing through the Nine West pumps, I spotted Jennifer, who was holding hands with a gorgeous guy, just a few feet away. I decided to go up and say hello. We talked for a few minutes and agreed to meet for lunch the next day to do some catching up.

The next day, we met at O'Charley's around noon. I could hardly wait for her to tell me all about that dashing man she was with at the mall. We chatted a while, and finally she told me she had met her new boyfriend through an internet dating service, to my surprise.

She told me to give it a try, as I was very hesitant. Before we went our separate ways, she jotted down the website on a napkin.

That night, as I loafed around the house bored out of my mind, thinking how wonderful it would be to meet a nice guy, I decided to give the internet dating thing a go.

On the site, it had a section in which I was to describe my ideal man. I'm a very picky girl when it comes to men, so it took me a while to get my description down to the one hundred word limit, but I finally did. It read as follows:

"I like a tall guy, preferably at least six feet, with long, dark, shaggy, but clean hair. Personality-wise, I would like someone with a great sense of humor, who is sensitive, respectful,