Student "sex bracelets" an urban legend?

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Made popular in the 80's by Madonna the famous singing artist the Jelly Bracelets, which some are calling sex bracelets are making a return to the scene. Supposedly, if you break someone's orange bracelet (or purple, in some cases) and you get a kiss, red, a lap dance, blue, oral sex, and black, intercourse. It's very unclear if this is actually going on or is simply just talk or an urban legend. In fact I remember when I was in school the media was talking about this, I was aware of people actually wearing them, but there was no such actions going on at my particular school.

According to the media it is still unclear if this is actually going on or is students are actually going through with these sex acts. Some experts think those students are hearing about this "game" from the news and not actually from each other., a web site dedicated to exposing urban legends, has deemed the validity of sex bracelets "undetermined." A representative a said she has only gotten few e-mails of student saying they actually perform acts if there bracelets are snapped. But she has received multiple e-mails of outraged students saying that it is simply a fashion statement to them. Nevertheless, there are still some schools that have just flat out banned the bracelets from their schools. Saying that students were paying too much time on who was wearing the bracelets and who weren't.

In my opinion this is something that has gotten to the media and just simply gotten way out of hand. In my opinion it is an urban legend and no such thing is going on to the extent to which the media has taken it. It relates to teaching diverse populations because it relates...