Summer Job Nightmare

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To support themselves as they struggle through college, many students not blessed with wealthy

parents or substantial grants turn to the field of waitressing. Requiring few special job qualifications

and having flexible hours, waitressing can be an easy solution to those lack-of-money blues. Like any

job, however, all it takes is one mean , small-minded, ignorant person--your boss--to turn an ideal

place of employment into a working hell. Often, I have heard people complain about how horrible

their jobs are, or how they are saddled with an uncaring employer; but I no longer have any sympathy

for their whining. Last summer I waitressed in a small Italian restaurant, working for a man who

had an evil ability to make me dread going to work. Daily, even hourly, I was subjected to curses

and ravings, worked in deplorable conditions and made a pittance working for this cruel and

insane man.

Not only was I learning statistics at school that summer, but I was also learning Italian at my new

waitressing job. Because I was cursed at continuously in Italian, I can now insult someone's mother,

their sister, or their virility in a new tongue. Even worse, I don't think my boss, Giovanni, had an

inkling of what a normal polite tone of voice was, but would instead curse and scream at an ear-

deafening volume while banging his huge, meaty fists upon the table. And this was just to tell us the

nightly dinner specials. His tag team partner was his crotchety mother who didn't speak a word of

English except for "stupid." While Giovanni pounded his fists, she would punctuate his curses with

her Italian mutterings and with pokes of a bony little finger. From years of practice torturing

waitresses, these two worked together like practiced soldiers. Mama...