"Sun Tzu - Art of War"

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In "Sun Tzu-The Art of War" there are many theories of war that are discussed. Sun-Tzu gives advice and strategies on how to operate an army correctly and successfully. Throughout each different theory and tactic presented in this book, there are many things a person could take with them and apply to the type of world we live in today. Throughout the book things are discussed such as what is righteous and what is unrighteous. They are many other things discussed such as offensive strategy, how to lead an army on marches, types of terrain to fight on, and how to attack by fire. There were many situations that arose, and things discussed in this book that could, and should, apply to the world today.

In the world today we are presented with the situation of an aggressive war. Mo Ti states that if a man kills an innocent man it is considered unrighteous.

But when murder is committed in attacking a country it is not considered wrong; it is applauded and called righteous. I agree with this statement and feel that this applies to the United States today. I am against going to war and feel that killing men in other countries is wrong even though they are attacking us. Although it is to defend the country, people still should not kill other people. I don't think the world should fight an aggressive war. Every day the United States and opposing countries are working on making weapons to destroy one another. In the book, armies were continuously making new advancements on weapons they had. The Chinese invented the crossbow which was extremely beneficial to them and their success. The cavalry was later invented along with two different types of spears. In the world today each country is...