Systems Engineering and Networking.

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Systems engineering provides a framework within which complexed problems can be defined and analysed and in which solutions can be considered, specified and manufactured with a lifecycle focus. Systems engineering therefore provides an environment in which adequate systems can be delivered, operated and supported successfully.

Systems engineering focuses on the system as a whole not on individual parts of the system and relies on strong inter-disciplinary integration and cooperation. Systems engineering also focuses on requirements engineering, a top-down approach, and system optimization.


An exciting career opportunity in IT industry is in Systems Engineering and Networking. Almost all business today such as aviation, banking , telephony need an IT infrastructure across the globe and functions around the clock.

IT has become absolute for survival of business and as a result , the jobs in networking have become the top priority ones.

Networking and connecting all centers is very important for any organization.

The whole area of networking has evolved in the last ten years from simple LAN connecting just a few p-c's to networks which span buildings, entire campuses from there to cities and from there to WAN .You would have personally experienced the power of internet. How easy it is to access the information , how east it is process it? For a moment , think what is happening behind the scenes? What are the technologies which go into providing Networking and Communication?

Right from the physical devices to the cabling ,hubs and switches, the functionality and features of the operating system are major fields in which a systems engineer would work. Have you ever imagined how two systems communicate? What are the protocols to be observed? How should the operating system be designed to cater to these needs?

Over the last five to six years, there has...