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Good morning Mrs. Howie and fellow classmates my topic is a very controversial topic being should gay marriages be legalized in Australia and my thought on the topic is yes after looking into it there have been more and more reasons for me to say yes.

Hear is what a proud gay man has said" My partner Tom and I have been 'married' for seven years... As far as the piece of paper we have, which is a certificate of commitment as such, it is not [legally recognized. However, as far as going to the bank and getting a loan, or having each other in each other's wills, that's always recognized as a defacto relationship, he says.

It doesn't really matter what the Prime Minister says, it matters that you're in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and it matters that we should be proud of who we are...

these days gay couples are much more accepted than a few years ago. You see a lot of gay couples on television shows and that makes me happy to know that the Australian public embraces this.

While having never married a gay couple himself, civil celebrant Howard Weedon agreed that marriage is more about the concept of lifelong commitment and sees the Prime Minister's comments as having less to do with law than politics.

The prime minister has stated that I can't see how it needs amendment, in that as far as marriage is concerned, a celebrant is not able to marry same sex couples." And I say why shouldn't they be able to get married they are in love and are willing to make a commitment to each other and the privilege of marriage shouldn't be taken away from them just...