The Technological Advancement of a Company.

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The word ubiquitous means ever present or occurring everywhere. This term could be used to describe the use of the computer in the business. The business world's benefit alone is enough to make a head spin. Every time a person goes to the grocery store, the bank, the local ATM, or even the neighborhood gym the benefit of the use of computers in modern society is unforeseen by most civilians. Many fields in business depend on the convenience, speed, accuracy, and reliability that computers have become known for. However all companies small and large benefit from the use of computers. First a company must research the impact computers will have on keeping track of their accounts. Then they must choose the correct hardware and software to best suit their particular needs, while at the same time making themselves familiar with the new enhancements that increase productivity. Finally, the company must allow time for installation and training.

When evaluating the need for a computerized system in a company one will also need to forecast the future demands of the company. After all to survive in the business world one must anticipate the future and not react to the past. How does one know when it is time to make the critical transition? Is it when management finds itself unable to keep track of its business? Which products are profitable? Which are not? Which customers pay on time? Which are delinquent? Having easy access to this data is essential to running a healthy and competitive business. When the company has grown enough that management no longer has access to the data used to make informed decisions, then it is time to switch to a computerized data management system. These computerized data management systems are often called information systems. The company now...