Terroism in the world today their issues and bombing in london.

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Terrorism in society is increasing at an alarming rate. And within the last week it has appeared in London (England), where four bombs were set off. Killing approximately 50 people and injuring many more.

One of the most concerning developments of this wave of bombing is that the bombers were not from another country but was actually born and bred in England.

Terrorism in society is now a worldwide event, with suicide bombers active in Iraq, United States of America, England, Spain, Jerusalem and Africa. Most bombings seem to be connected with the Muslim religion as well as some racial conflicts.

Police and anti terrorist forces throughout the world are on high alert to look out for terrorist activities using the latest communications, satellite photos, phone tapping's, eaves dropping and spies.

Assam Bin Laden is believed to be hiding in a remote corner of Afghanistan somewhere near the boarder of Pakistan; U.S

Special Forces are searching the area at this very moment, hoping that his capture may reduce the amount of terrorism increasing.

The aim of the terrorist is to instil fear into the general public, which they intern demand action from the government to agree to the terrorist demands. Most of these demands at the moment are of a political nature, such as the American army pulling out of Iraq, and also the American government reducing its support of the Jewish government in Israel. Which causes much anger amongst its adjoining Arab nations.

The other main issue is of course the availability of oil to the world. With a lot of terrorist activity happening such as blowing up oil lines and fuel depots and nations being insecure this has created the sharp increase in the price of oil today which can be seen every time we fill...