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It's Time to Stop the War

Military measures intended to support the arrest of a terrorist have turned into a large-scale attack on several of the poorest countries in the world, as well as on their populations, which is tormented by hunger and poverty and threatened by uprooting and death.

As little as the gap between rich and poor in the world was the cause of the murderous attack on Sept.11, all the more are the attacks against Afghanistan and the Philippines are deepening this gap and thereby multiplying reasons to hate the West and its civilization. In the future the West will be less identified with its best qualities, with democracy, a constitutional order and prosperity than with its shadowy sides, with a lack of respect, arbitrary acts and violence.

With every bomb that falls and every western soldier who kills on Afghan soil, the rich part of this world closes its eyes to the suffering of the peoples in the south.

Even the apparent successes presently do not change this. With its offensive the West is not only undermining the idea of a collective legal effort to counteract terror, but is also betraying its own principles. In the final analysis this undeclared war is no longer being waged to combat terrorism but rather to preserve a reputation of military invincibility. Finally, with every day that war is waged there and with every new security law passed here (in the western world) , that very freedom which is supposedly being defended is threatened and those refugees, who are the products of this military action and its consequences, are marginalized.

On September 11, not only did thousands of people suffer an agonizing death, but even western civilization suffered a defeat. Those murdered in the attack will not be restored to...