There is No God

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With all of the advancement man has made to date, it puzzles me that we still cling to the most irrational belief ever contributed: that God exists.

If there were a God, He would have to be a narcissist. Why else would an all-knowing, all- powerful being create man and instruct the poor creature to love and worship Him? It seems logical that such an omnipotent being would seek pleasure in something more substantial than a bunch of primitive animals gathered around singing songs of praise and love to Him (which are never sincere, since no one has ever seen Him to speak of this "grandeur"). If I were God, I would find this a most humorous spectacle and it would soon bore me to ethereal tears. It seems laughable that our Almighty would need daily affirmations to quell His insecurities like that of the Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smally--"I'm powerful enough, I'm Divine enough, and gosh darn it, those sheep-like bi-peds really love me!" Certainly the only reason to create man and have him worship you would be to satisfy some need.

And since God by definition is without needs, the only rational conclusion is that God does not exist.

If God did exist, shouldn't we expect to see more evidence of Him? The Bible fails to offer such evidence. When looked at through objective eyes, the Bible appears more like a fantastic fable than a description of the nature of God and rules for man to live by. Furthermore, the Bible is loaded with symbolism and mystical representations. Why is this necessary? If you were a God and you wanted men to know all about you and your rules for them to obey, would you inspire a man to write this book (which is vague and open...