Title- "The Great Gatsby" by Scott Fitzgerald

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Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby have many similarities and many differences between them. They both are depicted in many different ways in the book "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Tom and Gatsby are two people of different stature and are viewed in various ways by multiple people.

Even though Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby did no like each other very well, they still have some similarities between them. One similarity between them is that they both love Daisy Buchanan. Even though Tom did not express his love for Daisy, he still loved her very much. Another similarity between Tom and Gatsby is that they are both rich. Gatsby was the one with all the money and the expensive and rare possessions. Tom may not have been as rich as Gatsby but still had a luxurious lifestyle. They both also shared the same thought for each other as they both hated each other with passion.

Buchanan and Jay Gatsby were two very contrasting characters. The way they were both perceived by society was completely different but yet the way they lived was almost identical. Tom and Jay were both brought up in two very different settings, which impacted the way they acted throughout the novel. Money, power, and love are what controlled their actions. The most noticeable difference between Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are their perceptions from society. Tom had inherited his fortune and really hasn't worked a day in his life. Gatsby on the other hand worked for his fortune and had followed the American Dream. He was born into a poor farming family, and he had made the decision that he was not going to live like this early in his life. From the text we understand that Gatsby was involved in bootlegging alcohol. Even though...