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My Drivers' Education teacher said it best, "We should be given a daily allotment of three hand grenades; stupid drivers just shouldn't drive." The older I get the more I realize some people should never have been given a drivers' license. Today's drivers are some of the rudest, most inattentive, careless people I have ever seen. These speeding prima donnas feel the need to chat, eat and primp on the highway.

I set my sights and land my first grenade on the "phonies". They have a cell phone or hands free kit permanently attached to their heads. Perhaps this is why they are one of the leading causes of accidents. A study from the University of Utah found those using hands free phones were eighteen percent slower in braking and seventeen percent longer in regaining lost speed. Twenty years ago cell phones were unheard of but today they are commonplace.

Being a phonie just is not a good decision.

My second grenade would be aimed at the "drive thru derelicts". Derelicts do not seem to realize having their face stuffed in a bucket of fries is an error even more sever than the phonies'. When a spill occurs, drivers react immediately to the circumstances inside their car rather than watching the road ahead. Vehicle manufacturers are even accommodating derelicts by adding more cup holders and platforms for food and condiments. In the mid 1980's you were lucky to have one cup holder in your car, but today we have a minimum of one per passenger. Drive thru derelicts put everyone around them at risk when they eat and drive.

My final grenade would smash through the windshield of a primping prince or princess. These drivers are the worst offenders; they have to be insane. Not only are they not paying...