The Travels of Hernando De Soto.

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Describe the travels of De Soto in Arkansas, why did he come? What peoples did he contact? Give his route (approximately). Did he achieve his goals, what happened to him and his expedition?

Hernando Desoto was a Spanish conqueror who traveled to many places including Arkansas in order to hopefully find wealth and to colonize the area. He had contact with many people during his expedition including the Cayas, the Tulla, the Parkin and Quapaw Indians just to name a few. During his expedition, Hernando De Soto met many people, had many adventures, and made some important discoveries along the way.

He contacted several different Indian tribes. Some of the tribes were friendly and others were hostile. He traded with the tribes that were friendly and fought battles with the hostile Indians. Some of the tribes that he encountered were the Caddo Indians, Parkin Indians, and Quapaw Indians.

Hernando De Soto came to Arkansas to find wealth and conquer Arkansas as Spanish Territory. Once the Spanish crossed the Mississippi, they came to a place in Arkansas that had little food. De Soto urged his troops to move down the St. Frances River where they found and agricultural community with very little mineral soil. They moved southwest and arrived at Tutilcoya which is the town of present day Conway, Arkansas. The insert is the map that shows Hernando De Soto's route down through the Mississippi River.

De Soto, may have achieved one of his goals, but he did not achieve one of his goals and that was to conquer. He died before he could conquer the part of Arkansas he discovered.