The true gist of "Animal Farm."

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The book "Animal Farm" may seem strange if not properly understood. To the naked eye the story seems odd and unusual. But, to the careful and intelligent reader "Animal Farm" is a book with a powerful meaning. The pigs represent the ruling communist party of Russia in the 1930's. Animals of the farm actually stand for the working class of the Soviet Union. Also, the whole idea of the farm symbolizes a ruling government. Animal Farm is a book that is meant to show the negative outcome of a controlling ruling party.

The story represents the Russian revolution. The overthrow of Mr. Jones and the control the pigs acquire all represent the Communists and Joseph Stalin becoming the ruling class of Russia. The pigs Napoleon and Snowball represent the two major politicians seeking control over Russia! These politicians are Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. As Stalin eliminated his competition, Napoleon does the same by having killer dogs chase Snowball off the farm.

Napoleon takes complete control of the farm and slowly creates a "pigtatorship." By justifying all of his cruel actions with a modification of the seven commandments or an explanation by Squealer, Napoleon is able to deceive others on the farm. Although this is what the pigs symbolize, many of the other animals represent different things.

The majority of the animals are the working class of Russia. The animals work very hard for Napoleon but are easily tricked or just don't try to question his authority. Benjamin is one animal who understands what the pigs are doing but does not question their takeover. Boxer simply keeps himself from thinking or learning by reciting small phrases. Squealer straightens out Clover and the other animals' doubts on things. These techniques keep the animals in line and prevent rebellion.

Despite the fact...